1.778 MONTHS Mailboxes - KNOBLOCH. 08/17

Dear friends,

Is there a summer hole during every summer? Currently, we cannot feel one. Quite the contrary. Due to the numerous incoming orders we have had to increase our capacities in several departments. So we really look forward to the end of the summer holiday season and consequently to all colleagues coming back relaxed and motivated from their vacation.
However, some have just started at KNOBLOCH and have to wait until they can enjoy their first vacation. For example we have increased our sales and production personnel. However, currently it is worth it waiting for the holiday to come. During this rainy “summer” weather it is best to go to work, isn’t it. Besides, best trial conditions for the weather resistance of our mailboxes and mailbox banks and this at the end of July.
Actually, it is summer, but nevertheless there is a lot going on in our company. Reinhard Kolbe, the new founder of the company has now finally passed on the baton to his son Thomas Kolbe. This means also changes in other points of the company. However, we are on a very good way to use this great starting position.
The high season and so the last 4 months of the year come closer and we are really excited how they will look like this year. Was there only a seasonal relocation or has the market for our ranges “mailboxes for single and apartment houses” really grown. We have many plans.

We wish you a real, nice summer!

Your family Kolbe

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