1.764 MONTHS Mailboxes - KNOBLOCH. 02/17

Dear friends,

the carnival season is over now and hopefully we can say the same about winter. May all enthusiastic winter sportsmen forgive me but we look forward to spring. Here at KNOBLOCH a lot of our colleagues feel the same as every sun beam and every grade over 0 is welcomed. However, a real winter of course brings even more snow and cold and lasts longer. Nevertheless, we probably have to familiarise with this status although we had at least snow and frost in a lot of areas this year.

I hope you are full of drive and plans for this exciting year too.

Housing construction is especially in Germany but also in other European countries a big topic. That means a significantly increased need for mailboxes for single-family houses and mailbox banks for apartment houses.

We are prepared in any case. At the same time we are still about to intensively check our processes. Our aim is to become even better and more successful.

You see there is a lot to do and we are right in the middle. Be part of it, too.

We wish you a satisfying month and an enchanting spring.

Your family Kolbe



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