Dear friend,

Even the strangest year in recent history will come to an end at some point.

Normally we would all be in the Advent and Christmas stress and would also suffer a bit from the mass of appointments for Christmas parties of all kinds. The whole thing would increase significantly for parents with children. In this respect, Covid 19 has completely changed these days as well.
We have been living with the virus for almost a year now and although the 2nd wave is much higher and more powerful, we have all got used to a lot. It is fascinating to see how quickly and easily people get used to new conditions. We all moan, of course, but still at a high level. I don’t want to imagine how it all works in a less rich country than Germany and what the long-term consequences are there.
And there is also light at the end of the tunnel and next December, with a very high probability, that will be just a memory of very, very strange times for most of the people.
In our mailbox industry we are lucky enough to live a bit like on an island. Our business goes on and on, as normal, all year round. It is almost the opposite of all fears from March because we were able to achieve a significant increase in sales in 2020 as well, we employ more people and are also looking positively into the future. Housing construction and thus also our mailboxes and above all mailbox locations remain a growth topic, especially in Germany.
We too are experiencing the run on parcel boxes, perhaps also a little virus-driven under the keyword “contactless parcel delivery”. In this respect, we can – you almost don’t dare to say it – draw a positive conclusion from 2020.
Hopefully you all feel the same despite everything that has so brutally mixed up our lives.
In any case, most important thing is now where it belongs – in the middle of our attention – our health.

All that remains for us now is to wish you a Merry and peaceful Christmas. Perhaps it is suitably white outside and you will find time and leisure to relax. We look forward to a new and fresh year 2021 with you and wish you a good, successful start!


Yours Thomas Kolbe
(Executive Director)