Dear friend,

It’s actually the European Football Championship, but somehow the priorities have shifted a lot in recent years.
No flags, no covered exterior mirrors and only a few conversations among colleagues, where that is the dominant topic. The hype of the last few years at the European Championship and World Cup in football has definitely evaporated.

But right now there are really many exciting things to experience again. There is a lot of freedom in the private sphere to be enjoyed, holidays and the summer are to be enjoyed. I experience a mixture of hesitation and enthusiasm here. It’s as if we don’t really trust ourselves and the circumstances. On the other hand, as the last few months have impressively shown, we are very flexible and adaptable people.

For example, the vacation and holiday season is gradually beginning for many people. And even those who are not lucky enough to enjoy a few days off are somehow more relaxed. Summer can be so beautiful!

In our mailbox company, as in previous years, we haven’t noticed a real summer slump so far. We are not angry about that. On the contrary, a good start for the second half of the year continues the extremely positive first 6 months. Mailboxes are needed more than ever, because the housing industry, especially in Germany, is now at full throttle. Of course, like all other companies, we are also concerned with the subject of materials. There are two issues here. The shortage of materials is one thing. Hopefully this is more of the toilet paper effect and dissolves relatively quickly, like this one. But steel and sheet metal cannot be produced that quickly.
And there is the issue of price increases. Many have jumped up here and are currently driving a wave of cost increases through the country.

In the end, we all pay as consumers.

Let’s hope together for a July 2021 that is as normal as possible in all respects.
We wish all holidaymakers a few relaxing days and for everyone else – call Knobloch, it will also relax and delight.



Yours Thomas Kolbe
(Executive Director)