Dear friends,

A very eventful summer has come to an end. At least the night temperatures have arrived at autumn level. Currently, there is an incredible amount of movement in all areas in our markets all around. Or am I just looking at it wrong and it’s more of a shock freeze? It is almost impossible to say anything about the future when the basis for all economic activity and being, the energy supply, comes up with cost increases that amount to almost 2,000%. Yes, there is a lot of psychology involved and yes, we all see this with a lot of emotion. But it is also a fact that there is the potential to radically change every area. Addictions are terrible and here we are stuck in one that we can’t break in the short term and at the same time is tremendously powerful. Unfortunately, I don’t yet feel that the magnitude of this potential for change has actually reached everywhere yet.

Either way – we are in for a very eventful fall and an even more exciting winter. And even without this issue, it was not quite easy to enjoy relaxed and carefree vacations. The Corona summer was not quite as dramatic as in the last two years, but the topic will certainly accompany us on various levels in the coming months. But we are now entering the hot fall, as we do every year during this phase of the season. Letterboxes in particular are needed now to complete and finish the building. It will be exciting to see what role parcel delivery systems play in this. The market is much more advanced here than it has been in recent years, and we have responded with many interesting and new offers. In any case, it is high season and we have a lot of energy and desire to continue our very good development and further increase our sales.

For this we have a great team and many competent and hardworking employees. However, as always, everything is nothing without you, our highly valued customers. We are glad that you have found your way to us and we are here to fulfill your wishes and needs. So let’s go into September. In the best of health, of course, but also with a lot of fun and joy.

We wish you healthy and beautiful weeks in the first official month of autumn.


Your Kolbe family