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as a pick-up Station

PAKNO is an electronic delivery system that can be used both for private and commercial parcel reception and as a pick-up station. The system is non-discriminatory and freely accessible to every user. PAKNO is easy to use via an intuitive touch display.


  • Electronic delivery system
  • non-discriminatory
  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • Modular and freely configurable
  • Convenient user management via the
  • Installation outside is possible


Variant A: The operator selects the previously created recipient via the display, selects the appropriate compartment size and places the shipment in the compartment that opens. The recipient will then receive one. Delivery notification via e-mail with opening code.


Variant B: The operator “delivers to himself”, receives the opening code by e-mail and communicates it to the recipient.





The collector/receiver enters his opening code, which he received from the operator beforehand, via the intuitively operated display and removes his goods from the automatically opening compartment.





Explained in the video!


Let our explanatory video show you how the PAKNO parcel system workst.

Application examples

Laundry pickup station. 17 compartments in four different sizes with function box for control module PAKNO. Parcel boxes partly in special sizes. With full-surface foil lettering.


  • Flush-mounted system as partial wall installation
  • Wood frame (special)
  • Traffic white RAL 9016 GA/SG

Collection station of an organic supermarket. Seven parcel boxes in three different sizes with a function box for the PAKNO control module.


    • Turseiteil Construction
    • Lean RAL 6017 GA/SG

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