The vacation and holiday season has begun, but where to go with the post during a vacation of several weeks? Knobloch has the right mailbox for this situation.

“When designing our Big Boy mailbox, we faced precisely this problem. To design and manufacture a mailbox that is affordable in price and can accommodate vacation mail of several weeks. It should also meet our ‘Made in Germany’ quality standards, ”says Esther Stemke, product manager of the oldest German letterbox manufacturer Knobloch.

With a capacity of 23 liters, the Big Boy stainless steel mailbox can comfortably accommodate 2 weeks of holiday mail. In addition, it is characterized by a high-quality and robust lock, which provides increased security against post theft. The space miracle is available as a letter box for wall mounting or free-standing in combination with an exemption. “The Big Boy can be individualized by means of engraving or adhesive writing and, if necessary, equipped with an additional newspaper compartment,” recommends Esther Stemke. Conclusion: A mail recipient who reliably stores all mail items safely during the holiday season.

Max Knobloch Nachf. GmbH was founded in 1869 and is known in the mailbox market under the brand name Knobloch. This makes Knobloch the oldest still producing mailbox manufacturer in Germany and the only full-range supplier in the area of ​​mailboxes and letterbox systems. With 120 employees, Knobloch manufactures products for the entrance area and scores with quality from Germany, Saxony.


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