EN 13724 - rating




Requirements for EN 13724 norm

  • Classification of the 4 different types of mail slot openings (exterior, interior, thru-wall (e.g. fence or wall), door sides or side walls).
  • Identification of 3 different mail slot sizes (325–400 mm for vertical insertion, mail slot height 30–35 mm or 35–45 mm and 230–280 mm for horizontal insertion, mail slot height 30–35 mm).
  • Resistance capacity against corrosion according to DIN EN 1670 and against water ingress (rain test and determination of allowed amount of ingressed water) under precondition that all openings are closed.
  • Resistance against burglary by use of stable materials and locks with 3 security levels (the allowed deformation is determined when house mailboxes are fraught at level 1 with 150 N and at level 2 with 220 N; high-quality locks with 200 different lock diversities at level 1 and 500 at level 2).
  • An envelop in format C4 must fit, without being folded or damaged. (C4 = 229 x 324 mm)
  • The installation height of the lock axles must be between 900 mm and 1300 mm. In this height have to be placed at least 30% of all locks. Because of ergonomic reasons the lower edge of the lowest mail slot and the upper edge of the highest mail slot should be between 700 mm and 1700 mm (measured from the ground level on the insertion side, horizontal).
  • To guarantee safety, the components of the mail slot may not have sharp corners. 
  • To ensure confidentiality mailboxes must not be equipped with sight window. Is a sight window required it has to be transparent.
  • Defined removal protections against unauthorized removal have to be provided until a distance from mailbox bottom to mail slot of 680 mm.
  • The minimum volume is established as a pile height of at least 40 mm postal goods in format C4.
  • If the manufacturer declares that his product complies with this standard the product has to be marked as per its regulation.
  • A mounting instruction has to be provided matching to the product.
  • The flap must close independently after post insertion.

This norm is a recommendation, which however, through inclusion in tenders, becomes an obligation. Moreover, attention should be paid to the fact that litigation is always decided upon the current technical status – that is the corresponding norm (see examples of court decisions).


The advantages in purchasing a mailbox manufactured according to DIN EN 13724

  • no crinkled, folded or otherwise damaged letters and newspapers,
  • no long way to the post office to pick up big, undeliverable parcels, (The mailman is authorised to refuse delivering to non- EN-compliant mailboxes, in order not to damage the mail. In these cases he leaves a note in or on the mailbox.)
  • no wet mail with proper delivery (complete insertion of letters, newspapers and advertisements)
  • no justified rent reduction (see below)
  • best quality against rust thanks to corrosion-resistant materials
  • optimum security against vandalism and theft of mail through fixed security standards


Smaller mail slit, lower rent!

Cologne (AP): If the slit in the mailbox isn‘t big enough in order to receive DIN A4 format mail, the tenant may reduce the rent by a half procent. The Berlin Regional Court decided: „If problems with the delivery of magazines or DIN A4 envelopes occur as a result of the mailboxes installed by the landlord, a monthly reduction is appropriate.“ (File No. 29520/90)

Wet mail, lower rent!

A mailbox belongs to the furnishing of a rented flat. If it is difficult to open and the mail becomes wet in the rain, then there is a deficiency which justifies a reduction of one percent of the rent. (Local Court of Mainz, 8 C 98/96)

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