Lifetime and perforation corrosion

We grant a five-year general product warranty on all our products. Additionally you get a ten-year warranty against perforation corrosion.

Excluded from warranty are:

  • Corrosion damage that results from flash rust
  • Damages on aluminium parts, that were caused by direct contact with cement, chalk or the like
  • Products which were changed or rebuilt by persons who are not authorized by us.
  • Damages resulting from mechanical influence (especially vandalism)
  • Damages resulting from improper use, scarce care, wear and tear, improper care products or natural disaster

A condition for warranty is the installation of electrical components by an electrically skilled person. Warranty services do not prolong the warranty period.



For a long product life!

Please clean all products regularly, especially stainless steel products in case of dirt or aggressive environmental conditions (e.g. salty air). Only then a long product life can be guaranteed. Powder-coated surfaces as well as surfaces made of stainless steel and anodizes aluminum have to be cleaned with warm water and a bit of conventional cleaner.

Stainless steel surfaces can additionally be cleaned with our special stainless steel care product (order number 24035).

Please do not use mechanical or oxid solvent care products. These corrode and destroy the surfaces. Hinges and locks should be treated twice a year with lubricants.

Quality form

We produce our products to highest quality standards. Please contact your account manager by e-mail, fax or phone in case you have to complain about your delivery.

For processing we need the following details:

    • Order and position number
    • Type of complaint
    • Image documentation of the complaint:
      Detailed image of the complaint
      Overall picture of the product

    Another possibility to complain about a defect is to use our quality form. You can download this form. Afterwards, you need to fill in the form and return it to us. The further processing is to be agreed with your account manager.

    >>> Download german version (PDF)

    Please never return defect goods to us unsolicited.
    A taking back of the goods is not possible in this case.

    Transport damage & transportation

    Transport damage should not be your damage!

    How do you act accordingly?

      • Please open the packaging immediately and look for any possible transport damage to the contents. We are not able to credit any later notification of damages.
      • The driver of the delivery vehicle has to wait. If the driver refuses to wait, you should take note of the number on his license plate and let the driver countersign that he couldn’t or didn’t want to wait.
      • Note any possible damages on your consignment note and have it countersigned by the driver together with his license number. In case of total damage we recommend to refuse the acceptance of the whole delivery.
      • In any case – do not change or modify the goods.
      • Do not use the damaged goods (yet).
      • Contact immediately our sales department or your transport insurance firm.
      • For this you need the following papers:
        a) DHL – confirmation of damage DHL
        b) Parcel service or forwarder: delivery note with confirmation of damage from the driver.

      Transport by parcel service:
      Have certificated a written confirmation by bearer.

      Transport by forwarder:
      Unwrap goods in the presence of the driver of the vehicle and have any damage countersigned by him on your delivery note or parcel form.

      SERVICE-HOTLINE: +49 (0) 34 31–60 64 200

      SERVICE-HOTLINE: +49 (0) 34 31–60 64 -200 |