1.795 MONTHS Mailboxes - KNOBLOCH. 1/19

Dear friends,

May has come and obviously not only the trees are striking, but construction activity has also picked up speed. At least here in Döbeln we are working hard on fulfilling your pleasing numerous wishes. We really enjoy that and the mood is accordingly good. No matter what economic climate index you follow or what signals are important to you, in our industry, housing is important, no, crucial and here it continues to look good. So we are well busy and hope the same in the positive also for you. We are constantly working on improvements in the processes. Two things are very important to us - increasing delivery reliability and quality. Both are decisive and are therefore absolutely in our focus. This is a constant effort in a manufacturing operation. And we are getting better and better here. This is important and enjoyable, because we want to continue to grow and the basis for that is fundamental.

A personal concern is still driving me around this May and this is the election day on May 26, 2019. In many municipalities, the city councils are newly elected. In some places, there is a new district council to choose from and even one or the other mayoral election is pending. But especially important is the European elections in 2019, ie the election of a new European Parliament! Now you can like the EU or find some decisions and rules unrealistic, bureaucratic or even bizarre. But the European Union also stands for the longest peace phase we have ever had here in Europe. It represents an unparalleled economic boom and represents an extremely important element in global development. In this respect, it is the best we have, with all the problems and reform needs. And if we want to change something, then it does not help to just be against it. You do not have to do much, but do us a favor – go and vote. We need this democratic element and we have to live it. Be there!

In this sense, we wish you a sunny spring month and stay healthy!

your family Kolbe

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