1.795 MONTHS Mailboxes - KNOBLOCH. 1/19

Dear friends,

New Year - New luck! We wish you a lot of this for this new year as well as success and good health. (The latter is certainly the basis for everything else.)

For us 2018 was a rather mixed and at the same time exhausting year. Much has happened in our company.

We have put our new central material and logistics warehouse into operation, have managed the internal relocation of many production areas, and we have continued to grow and have set a new sales record.

2019 is another year with some changes.

We want to continue our growth course and at the same time push our internal optimizations.

You as our customers will hopefully only see the positive results of this.
At one point or another, there will be more staff reinforcements and changes.
But above all, we want to celebrate 2019 and celebrate the 150th anniversary of our company!

We are really happy and proud that we have come so far after the incredibly eventful history since the company was founded in 1869 by Max Knobloch.

As an annual companion there is our traditional calendar, this time with historical motifs. But that's just the prelude. There are still some things to follow and you can be curious ...


Have a good start in the new and exciting year 2019!

your family Kolbe

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