1.801 MONTHS Mailboxes - KNOBLOCH. 7/19

Dear friends,

What kind of weather is that? Incredible and yet the heat meanwhile seems almost normal.

Nevertheless, it is amazing that we can now imagine deserts in Germany and longing for rain in the summer. One cannot initiate rethinking more impressively. No matter where the journey goes, at full throttle like now will not work.

However, that does not seem to be true for our new orders and growth. Here it goes unabated only in one direction and indeed upwards.

Which leads both in the production and in the other departments, that the employees who have no rest period (so summer vacation) yet, have to work a few hours more (and this is necessary in the heat, but really no pleasure-thank you to our really very dedicated staff!).

Mailboxes and mailbox banks made by Knobloch are in demand! I think that is also a good signal for the "victims". In addition, the holiday and holiday season starts gradually for many people. And even those who are not lucky enough to enjoy a few days off are somehow more relaxed and relaxed. Summer can be so beautiful!

July also means the first half of the year is over. The market environment has developed quite positively.

And we are also curious how it goes on now. We are always happy to have it in our hands and a small contribution to this is certainly the development of new Knobloch solutions for receiving parcels. You will find everything in our brand-new catalog (link here), which of course is also available in printed form. Just contact us!

We wish you a nice summer

your family Kolbe

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