1.805 MONTHS Mailboxes - KNOBLOCH. 11/19

Dear friends,

The year is now in the final spurt! Do you already have Christmas presents? Still too early? So from years of experience, we can tell you – it will be there faster than you think.

"In the sad month of November it was, the days were dimmer ..." At least that's what Heinrich Heine saw at the time, though he probably thought more about Germany than about the calendar month. It has not changed much since then. Most people here still see Germany gray and November rather as a main time for depression. We as manufacturers of many beautiful things around the house, however, see November as the absolute high season. Many construction projects, started in spring or summer, are nearing completion and now our products are needed. Especially in the sector of mailbox banks it is labored in shifts to make a home for owners or tenants also fully usable.

Mailboxes are an elementary component of every building. And not only from a functional point of view but also as the icing on the cake of architecture. Because consciously perceived or not - the mailbox is always in an exposed position and is passed by every visitor and resident.

As such, our products occupy an increasingly important place.

And we can see our growing success directly. Just take part!


Good luck and sunshine in the heart wishes you,

your family Kolbe

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