1.789 MONTHS Mailboxes - KNOBLOCH. 07/18

Dear friends,

June is already gone and we are still looking forward to a nice summer and an outstanding soccer world cup. Seeing that this year’s weather went off the rails and almost forgot to become winter, it would be a good compensation to get a bit more summer with continuous weather for swimming. Maybe next to the heat also our football players will rob us sleep - hopefully in a positive way.

The market for mailboxes especially mailbox banks is already extremely hot this year. A sight to the building permissions in Germany is enough in order to know that this situation will not cool down so fast. We are right up there and very happy about this situation.

Selling mailboxes is so much fun for a mailbox company and selling mailbox banks even more. Great! And with mailbox banks, there are a lot of them all at once. Nice!

Please enjoy the summer and have success - and if the sun should not shine here then do not wait for it but ride behind and leave some greetings from

your family Kolbe

P.S. Have fun with or even at the European Football Championship!

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