1.780 MONTHS Mailboxes - KNOBLOCH. 10/17

Dear friends,

Autumn is now here! However, this is no reason to mope or to sit down on the cozy oven bench and have warmed up your back. Especially, as this can still partly be taken over by the sun. At least during September we had some summer days. And October should bring sustained high-pressure. And this does not only affect the weather. We feel the high pressure already for months and always faced it with an increasing number of employees. I hope you could show understanding for the one or the other supply bottleneck.

We are now reaching the home stretch for 2017 and it is similar to football – after the year is before the year. In this respect we are already planning for 2018 and I am sure that it comes something good out for you.

Besides all the joyful anticipation we have to do our homework. That means to still convince you in 2017 with good prices, short delivery times, very good personal service and high quality for our mailboxes and mailbox banks.

Enjoy the hopefully golden October and have fun!


Your family Kolbe

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