1.804 MONTHS Mailboxes - KNOBLOCH. 10/19

Dear friends,

and again the year is (almost) over.

And yet, 2019 was a very special moment for our company. You do not get 150 years every day, people still do not enjoy it and only 2% of all companies experience this anniversary. We have done it and now head for the next 150 years.

But we also follow this path step by step. And so first thing on the plan is the conclusion of this year, which was a very successful one. You gave us a new sales record for our birthday! And we have also made great progress in optimizing our processes and, above all, in increasing our delivery reliability. But after the year is before the year and so of course we are in the middle of planning for the coming, exciting period of 2020. Nevertheless, especially the Advent and Christmas time, but at the latest the time between the years, is a good opportunity to pause. A look back at achievements is always worthwhile. We are fine and we are optimistic and eager for the new year.

We are looking forward to it! And you can be happy, too, because as always there are new, additional faces at Knobloch and lots of ideas to get even better. All we can do now is to wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas. Maybe it is white outside and you will find time and leisure to recover.

We look forward to a year 2020 with you and wish you a good and successful start!


your family Kolbe

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