KNOBLOCH was already founded in 1869 as a sheet metal plumber on the still existing company site in Döbeln. Until today the company is completely run by family Kolbe. Since the foundation several metal goods – the mailbox was part of this range since the beginning.

We look back on a changing company history which is characterized by wars, inflation and loss; but also by strength and will power as well as the belief in the company and its consistency.  This is especially due to Erika and Reinhard Kolbe that Max Knobloch Nachf. GmbH exists today. Because of their effort the company could be denationalised after the political change in 1990 because in the 1970s it was nationalised and dispossessed. After the reprivatisation the couple Erika and Reinhard Kolbe had to face the question of an existential reorientation. The beginning was hard and risk taking as well as energy were requested from the former personnel and the new company. With the existing sheet metal processing machines and the possibility to varnish the products as well as the motivated personnel the cornerstone for a steady development was set. We started with the production of infrared radiators and heaters for trains, later on we decided to produce individual mailboxes and mailbox banks. This decision was mostly determined by the requirements of the market at this time but also by the wish to return to the roots.

We look back with pride on what we have achieved and we are looking forward to the coming challenges and further success.

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