Pick-up Stations

Solutions for retail stores


Electronic pick-up station, intuitive operation with touch display. The operator conveniently notifies the customer by e-mail.

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Electronic pick-up station. The operator can manage and occupy the compartments via his PAKETIN Service access.

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Collection station with electronic PIN locks. The operator occupies the compartment and assigns a code, which he communicates to his customer.

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Electronic pick-up station with PAKNO Technology.


Electronic pick-up station with PAKETIN Technology.


Collection station with battery operated PIN Locks.






Subject Allocation

The operator creates his customers with e-mail address or telephone number via his portal access and receives a storage code, with which he opens a compartment of the system and inserts the goods.

The operator can manage and occupy the compartments via his PAKETIN app. All he needs from his customers is an e-mail address.

The operator occupies a compartment and assigns a PIN, which he communicates to his customer.


The Ccustomer enters his opening code, which he has previously received from the operator, via the intuitive display and removes his goods from the Opening Compartment.

The Customer Receives an email with an opening PIN to open the Compartment.

The customer enters the code previously received from the operator and removes his Goods.


Locking System

Electronic with control via touch Display

Electronic with control via PIN pad/PIN terminal

Battery operated PIN locks

User Management

online (Browser)

Online via PAKETIN (app or browser)

Configuration Options

Freely Configurable

preconfigured and modular as a pure package system via PAKNO PLUS

Freely configurable

Preconfigured and modular as a package-only system via KNOPAK PLUS

frei konfigurierbar

Finished configured pickup station with three, six or nine compartments in three different compartment sizes


Outdoor Mounting

Requirements on Site

230 V connection (corresponding power supply unit is part of the scope of delivery)

Internet connection depending on license model: Premium: via LTE (router and SIM card are part of the delivery) Light: LAN connection or LTE 2)

230 V connection (corresponding power supply unit is part of the Scope of Delivery)

Internet connection via LAN connection or LTE (router and SIM card are part of the delivery, separate user contract with PAKETIN).

Current costs

Service contract between operator and KNOBLOCH


Service contract between operator and PAKETIN


For the smooth in-house flow of work and consumable materials, physical documents, tools, office and car keys, two things are needed in principle – and ideally three:

  • A Storage location secured against unauthorized access
  • A System for notifying the Recipient
  • A central control / query with programming interfaces to management systems

PAKNO offers the first two points out of the box, so to speak. Recipients are selected from lists via an interactively operated touchscreen and automatically notified by e-mail. The central control system with programming interfaces to ERP systems represents an extension of our parcel receiving system specifically tailored to intralogistics, making it the perfect solution.

Use in Practice

Intralogistics at sonepar in Berlin runs via a PAKNO system with interface connection to the company’s own merchandise management program. In addition to the classic parcel boxes, the system also includes several fenced storage facilities for particularly large goods, whose access is also controlled by the PAKNO system.

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