We grant a five-year general product guarantee on all our items. You also get a 10-year guarantee against rust.

The following are excluded from the guarantee:

• Corrosion damage caused by rust film
• Damage to aluminum parts caused by direct contact with plaster, lime, cement or the like
• Products that have been modified or installed by persons not authorized by us
• Damage caused by mechanical influences (especially vandalism)
• Damage due to improper use, lack of care, signs of wear, unsuitable care products or natural disasters
• all electric und electronic components

Warranty requirement for electrics and electronics is their installation by a suitably qualified electrician. The guarantee period is not extended by guarantee services.

The statutory warranty period applies to all of our products that were purchased online.


Care instructions – For a long product life!
• Please clean all products, especially stainless steel products, in the event of contamination or aggressive environmental influences (eg salty air) regularly. This is the only way to guarantee a long service life. The powder-coated surfaces, as well as the surfaces made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, can be cleaned with warm water with the addition of conventional household cleaners.
• Stainless steel surfaces can also be treated with our special stainless steel care (order number 24035).
• Please do not use any mechanical or oxide-removing care products. These attack the surfaces and destroy them. Door hinges and locks should be treated twice a year with special care products or lubricants.


Quality Certificate
• We manufacture our products according to the highest quality standards. Should you nevertheless have a reason for complaining about your delivery, please contact your customer advisor in writing by email, fax or telephone.

For processing we need the following information:
• Order number and item number
• Type of complaint
• Image documents of the defect: detailed picture of the defect and overall picture of the product

Another possibility is the complaint of defective goods with our quality certificate. You can download, fill in and send this here. Please coordinate the further procedure with your customer advisor.

>>> Download Quality Certificate (PDF)

Please do not send defective goods back to us without being asked!

A return of goods is excluded in this case.


Transport damage & shipping
Transport damage should not be their damage!
Transporting goods is generally not risk-free. You are endangered by things that are beyond our control. Therefore we are dependent on your participation. Because in the event of damage, you are the victim!
In order for you to be able to protect your rights, the following must always be observed:
• The goods must be checked IMMEDIATELY for damage upon delivery.
• If the packaging is obviously damaged from the outside (open transport damage), this must be reported to the carrier immediately.
• The acceptance of the goods to be transported must be refused.
• Alternatively, the goods can be opened in the presence of the carrier in order to check them for actual damage and / or shortages.
• The damage must also be recorded in writing on freight documents and confirmed by the freight forwarder.
• It is advisable to document the damage photographically and also to note the number plate of the truck.
• In order for the carrier’s liability to begin, damage must be incurred by the recipient within the statutory periods, ie. H. immediately,
• however, at the latest after seven calendar days, a written complaint will be made.
• For open transport damage, this must be done immediately upon receipt of the goods.
Behavior in case of hidden transport damage, d. H. the packaging is undamaged and there is no other obvious defect.
• If there are minor dents or other slight deformations of the cardboard packaging, it is advisable to open the cardboard box in the presence of the carrier in order to rule out or detect damage to the goods.
• If any damage is actually found, it should be treated in the same way as the open transport damage.
• If the damage is actually only discovered later, it must be reported immediately to Knobloch in writing (at the latest within 7 calendar days after).
• If the recipient can prove that the damage occurred during transport, the carrier is liable
The rule is: It is better to walk around the pallet twice than to acknowledge immediately – it is only a few seconds that will save you hours of trouble!
• With the signature, the customer confirms the integrity of the goods at the time of delivery and releases the carrier from further claims, because the goods are no longer in his possession.
• From the time the signature is received, the goods are considered to be delivered flawlessly and further claims can only be enforced in the direction of the carrier by means of credible evidence (for example by an expert) that the damage occurred as a result of the transport.
• Our (direct and legal) responsibility passes to the carrier when the goods are taken over by the carrier.
• After the goods have been handed over – clearly evidenced by confirmation of acceptance – responsibility is transferred to the customer.
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