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KNOPAK Electronic Package System

KNOPAK is the parcel system for apartment buildings with electronic delivery system, based on PAKETIN technology. The system is delivery agent-independent. The deliverer needs an opening PIN to open a parcel box, which he finds on the shipping label. Alternatively, he can call the PAKETIN service on site to open the box. Use of the system requires user (recipient) registration via PAKETIN.


The deliverer enters the opening PIN, which is noted on the shipping label or stored in the drop-off permit. Alternatively, he calls the PAKETIN service number, which he finds on the parcel box. He places the shipment in the now open compartment


Operating label for systems with PIN pad


The recipient receives a delivery notification by e-mail. He opens the box via his PAKETIN app or by entering his user PIN.

KNOPAK can also be used for returns. The user generates an opening PIN via his PAKETIN application, which he communicates to the delivery agent. The use of this function is associated with additional costs.

Control Unit

The PIN pad

is used when all parcel boxes in a system have the same size.

The PIN terminal

Is used in Installations with parcel boxes of different sizes. It already includes instructions for the Delivery Person.

What KNOPAK needs

You need a power supply connection (230 V). The system operates internally with 24 V DC, a corresponding power supply unit is part of the scope of delivery.

Here you have the choice between wired LAN and LTE. If you opt for LTE, an LTE router is part of the scope of delivery. We deliver this router together with an already configured SIM card, for the use of which a separate license agreement must be concluded with PAKETIN.

It is a prerequisite for using the system (regardless of the type of Internet connection) and is concluded individually with PAKETIN by the users (recipients) of the system. Different tariffs are possible. There are no ongoing costs for the operator of the system.

Service and Maintenance

In the event of problems and queries from the owner, KNOBLOCH is happy to be the first point of contact. Users contact PAKETIN directly.

If high availability is required: we offer a maintenance contract as an add-on option, which includes, among other things, annual preventive on-site maintenance.

Freely configurable

You can freely configure PAKNO parcel systems with all equipment options and tailor them to your individual needs.

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Configure package systems (only german)


PAKNO PLUS offers the possibility to assemble a parcel station from pre-configured modules without any further equipment.

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Configure package systems (only german)


PAKNO PLUS PLUS is a particularly quick and easy way to achieve a finished parcel system with integrated mailboxes.

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