Pick-up Stations

Solutions for Retail Stores

PIKNO Pickup station with Electronic
Code Locks

Subject allocation

The operator occupies a compartment and assigns a PIN, which he communicates to his customer.

Collection and Returns

The customer enters the PIN previously contained by the operator and removes his goods. For returns, the operator sends the PIN of an empty tray in which the customer puts the goods. An exchange is possible in the same way.

Sell products with PIKNO – Around the clock!

With PIKNO, contactless goods handover is quite easy for any store owner. PIKNO retail pick-up stations are equipped with electronic PIN locks that are battery operated. They operate without power connection and internet and do not incur any running costs.

PIKNO freely Configurable

PIKNO pick-up stations can be freely configured with all equipment options and thus adapted to individual needs.

Ready configured Pickup Stations

As collection-only stations, we offer ready-configured PIKNO systems with three, six or nine compartments in three different compartment sizes for surface wall mounting.

Parcel boxes

Three, six or nine parcel boxes with (AA) battery operated PIN locks in black zinc cast housing

Box Numbering

with Adhesive Label

  • Font height: 40 mm
  • Font: Arial
  • Color: Black or white
  • Position: each bottom centered


with cladding RI244 incl. rain edge in front for dry delivery and removal.

Materials and Colors

  • Stainless steel, Brushed
  • Alternatively galvanized sheet steel (boxes and doors) and aluminum (cladding and base), painted in a standard color or RAL of your choice for a small surcharge

  • Artikel-Nr.
  • Quantity Parcel Boxes
  • Dimensions pact boxes in mm (BHT)
  • Overall Dimensions in mm (BHT)
  • PIKNO-AP244-3733-3
    3 (M)
    370 x 330 x 380
    384 x 994 x 429
  • PIKNO-AP244-3733-6
    6 (M)
    370 x 330 x 380
    755 x 994 x 429
  • PIKNO-AP244-3733-9
    9 (M)
    370 x 330 x 380
    1125 x 994 x 429
  • PIKNO-AP244-3744-3
    3 (M)
    370 x 440 x 380
    384 x 1324 x 429
  • PIKNO-AP244-3744-6
    6 (M)
    370 x 440 x 380
    755 x 1324 x 429
  • PIKNO-AP244-3744-9
    9 (M)
    370 x 440 x 380
    1125 x 1324 x 429

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