Package System PAKNO

The Package System for Apartment Buildings


Electronic package system with PAKNO Technology.

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Electronic parcel system with PAKETIN Technology.

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Package system with mechanical locking system based on CLEVERLOCK locks.

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Electronic delivery system in PAKNO Technology.


Electronic delivery system in PAKETIN Technology.


Mechanical locking system with CLEVERLOCK locks.





Compartments to user ratio

Recommendation between 1:2 and 1:3

Recommendation between 1:2 and 1:3

1:1 or 1:2

Carrier Independence
Without delivery registration
Multiple Deliveries 2)
Subject Allocation

The delivery person selects the recipient via the intuitive display. PAKNO automatically opens a compartment into which the Shipment can be Inserted.

The deliverer enters the opening PIN, which is noted on the shipping label or stored in the drop-off permit. Alternatively, he calls the PAKETIN service number, which he finds on the parcel box. The door opens and the delivery agent inserts the Shipment.

The deliverer opens the unlocked door, places his shipment in the compartment and locks (bolts) the box by clicking in the lock. The compartment can now only be opened by the owner with his personal parcel box key.


The Recipient receives an Automatic Delivery notification with the pickup code via email.

The recipient receives an automatic delivery notification by e-mail. He opens the tray via his PAKETIN app or by entering his user PIN.

The recipient unlocks the lock with his personal key and removes the shipment. He closes the door but does not lock it. The box is now ready for the next delivery.

Locking System

Electronic with control via touch Display

Electronic with control via PIN pad/PIN Terminal

Mechanical with CLEVERLOCK Locks

User Management

Online (Browser)

Online via PAKETIN (app or browser)

Configuration Options

Freely Configurable

preconfigured and modular as a pure Package System via PAKNO PLUS

ready configured with mailboxes for four to 10 subscribers as PAKNO PLUS PLUS.

Freely Configurable

preconfigured and modular as a pure Package System via KNOPAK PLUS

ready configured with mailboxes for four to 10 subscribers as KNOPAK PLUS PLUS.

Freely Configurable

Outdoor Mounting
Requirements on site

230 V connection (corresponding power Supply unit is part of the scope of Delivery)

Internet connection depending on license model: Premium: via LTE (router and SIM card are part of the delivery) Light: LAN connection or LTE 3).

230 V connection (corresponding power supply unit is part of the scope of delivery)

Internet connection via LAN connection or LTE (router and SIM card are part of the scope of Delivery, Separate user contract with PAKETIN). 3).

Current Costs

Service contract between operator and KNOBLOCH

PAKNO vs. KNOPAK What are the differences between them?

The differences lie less in the outer appearance than in the inner values:

PAKNO makes it particularly easy for the delivery staff: they simply select from a list of possible recipients via touchscreen. The operator concludes a service contract with KNOBLOCH and can pass on its monthly costs to the tenant. Other monthly costs such as Internet connection and energy consumption are apportionable in both cases.

KNOPAK makes it particularly easy for operators: here, users conclude individual contracts with the service provider PAKETIN, which takes care of access to the compartments, and pay the monthly costs themselves. Deliverers have to read opening codes from shipping labels or call the service for information.

Configuration of package systems Plan Package Systems correctly!

There is a lot to consider when planning parcel delivery systems and pick-up stations. Regardless of whether you want to exploit as much freedom as possible or want to get to the finished system quickly and easily – with our three different configuration variants, you will reach your desired goal.

The Package System completely individually according to Customer Requirements

All of the parcel delivery systems and pick-up stations presented here can be freely configured – not only in terms of materials and colors, the number of parcel boxes and their size (which can vary if required): there are practically no limits to what you can do with additional features such as mailboxes, bell panels, communication devices and functional boxes in general. How about, for example, the house number as a backlit engraving through, a video camera or a chip card reader?

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Paketanlage konfigurieren

Preconfigured package systems without further Equipment

Basic Module

  • A

  • B

Add-on Module

  • ZM1

  • ZM2

  • ZM3

  • ZM4

  • ZM5

  • ZM6

  • ZM7

PLUS systems consist exclusively of parcel boxes and are thus particularly suitable for apartment buildings with an existing mailbox system or as a pick-up station for businesses. PAKNO PLUS and KNOPAK PLUS offer two variants of a basic module with power supply and control unit, which can be expanded with any number of additional modules.

Pre-configured package systems with mailboxes for four to ten Subscribers

  • 4 Mailboxes
    2 Parcel boxes*

  • 5 Mailboxes
    2 Parcel boxes*

  • 6 Mailboxes
    3 Parcel boxes*

  • 7 Mailboxes
    3 Parcel boxes*

  • 8 Mailboxes
    4 Parcel boxes*

  • 9 Mailboxes
    4 Parcel boxes*

  • 10 Mailboxes
    4 Parcel boxes*

The most frequently ordered combinations of parcel and mailboxes for four to ten subscribers, selectable with one click. We pass on to you the price advantage resulting from higher quantities in production and less effort in administration. With PAKNO PLUS PLUS and KNOPAK PLUS PLUS, you not only save time, but also money.
*The lowest row of boxes are blind boxes (boxes without function and with fixed screwed cover).
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