Receive parcels as easily as Letters

Solutions for detached and semi-detached Houses

TORONTO Safe and Stable

The floor-standing mailbox for easy, delivery-independent and contact-free reception of parcels. 56 liters capacity and a sophisticated slot make it possible to receive several parcels without emptying in the meantime.




TORONTO is a particularly stable and valuable stand Package Box.

  • With insertion and removal from the front, or with insertion from the front and removal from the rear.
  • Straight Roof
  • Quiet opening and closing of the flap due to flap damping


TORONTO we supply on request also in combination with Mailboxes.


TORONTO is designed for floor mounting and is screwed with dowels and screws to a concrete foundation prepared on site.


External dimension incl. handle: 415 x 1025 x 400 mm (WHT).

Box dimension: 410 x 1025 x 370 mm (WHT).

Max. Package size: 355 x 155 x 375 mm (WHT).

Storage space: 355 x 490 x 325 mm (WHT).

Capacity: 56 liters

Materials and Colors

Galvanized sheet steel, painted in a standard color or RAL of your choice at a small extra charge

Traffic white RAL 9016 GA/MA

Gray aluminum RAL 9007 GA/MA

Anthracite gray RAL 7016 GA/MA

With Insertion at the front and removal at the back

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