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Solutions for Apartment Buildings

CLEVERLOCK Package system with Mechanical Locks

CLEVERLOCK parcel lockers for apartment buildings work with a simple and secure mechanical locking system. Each delivery person can insert parcels into the closed (but not locked) parcel compartments and then lock them with a click. This keeps the parcel safe until the recipient opens the respective compartment again with his or her key. The system works without electricity, without Internet and without additional costs.


In the initial state, the parcel compartment door is closed but not locked. The delivery person turns the handle to the right and opens the door to insert his delivery.

After that, the delivery person closes the door, turns the handle back to the left and locks it by clicking it in. The parcel compartment can now only be opened with a key.


The recipient unlocks the parcel compartment with his key and turns the handle to the right to open the door. The recipient can now remove the parcel. He then closes the door so that the parcel compartment is ready for the next delivery.

A transparent sticker with short, illustrated instructions is included with all CLEVERLOCK systems. This can be attached to the system and explains the operating principle to Deliverers.

Freely Configurable

CLEVERLOCK package systems can be freely configured with all equipment options and thus adapted to Individual Requirements.

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