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Intralogistics – In-house logistics

Whoever thinks of replenishment for the department’s own coffee machines or filling up the ballpoint pen landfill is not necessarily wrong, but only has a very small part in mind. In fact, not only does virtually every in-house flow of raw and working materials fall into this broad field, but so does the movement of employees. The following list provides an initial overview:

  • Workplaces in the flex office: if a desk is used alternately by several people, the personal work materials not used in each case must be stored securely. The same applies to the handover during shift changes.
  • IT spare parts just like the proverbial ballpoint pens: the traditional way consists of making an appointment with personal pickup at an issuing office – and this costs similar time to standing in line at the post office. Notification by e-mail in the sense of “we have now deposited this for you” with the possibility of collection at any time is considerably more efficient.
  • Access to security-critical areas: if cell phones and storage media are to be handed over before entering corresponding rooms, they must be housed in a theft-proof manner. Access control (with card reader and or communication unit) is sensibly located in close proximity – or integrated straight away.
  • Letter and parcel post: is indispensable even in a largely paperless office and requires a secure storage location, as does document traffic between departments.

This list could be extended at will, for example with keys for a company vehicle pool, documents for external delivery and pick-up services, connection to an ERP system and/or the recording of working hours now required by law.

The good news is that the processes and requirements described here can all be covered highly efficiently with a system that offers the following elements:

  • Lockers of appropriate (different, if needed) size
  • Can be operated electronically on site, both for fillers and collectors
  • Intranet connection for central control / recording of activities
  • If required: communication unit and access control

We offer such systems. The basis is our proven and reliable PAKNO, which we adapt to your very specific needs with a high degree of customization. Some typical scenarios:

  • An employee registers a need for a new computer mouse. After the request has gone through the company’s own approval processes, he receives an e-mail with a compartment number and PIN from the IT issuing office. He picks up the spare part at the time that best suits his workflow. No waiting times, no queuing, contactless (which will be important at the latest during the next flu epidemic) – and he also delivers the old mouse at the same time. The IT department is automatically notified by e-mail when the new mouse is picked up and the old one dropped off..
  • Closing time at a shared desk: the employee puts his or her personal belongings in a locker and thus automatically logs out of the time recording system.
  • Transport services and couriers receive their orders by e-mail, which, in addition to data such as the recipient’s address, also contains a PIN for opening the compartment in which the items to be delivered are stored. The delivery can thus take place contactlessly and at an optimal time for the service provider. The system automatically records the pickup and can notify the recipient: “Your shipment is now on its way.“

Use in Practice

Intralogistics at sonepar in Berlin runs via a PAKNO system with interface connection to the company’s own merchandise management program. In addition to the classic parcel boxes, the system also includes several fenced storage facilities for particularly large goods, whose access is also controlled by the PAKNO system.

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And when things get really complicated?

Central electronic control combined with remote access via the company’s own intranet allows a degree of flexibility that would not even have been dreamed of a few years ago. An example would be a department that needs five keyboards at once, and it doesn’t all fit in one compartment at once? No problem, then several compartments open at the same time when the PIN is entered. Describe your requirements to us! And let us work together on a perfect solution.

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