Dear friends,

“All over the world there should be peace” (text of a German Christmas carol) is unfortunately only a pious wish this year. The war on our doorstep continues to rage and becomes, through the onset of winter and the Russian attacks on the energy infrastructure, an increasingly large danger for many Ukrainians. In contrast, the energy crisis as a result currently appears controllable in Germany and the other parts of Europe. Even if we all have to accept enormously high costs and prices. And the latter in particular inhibits any development in the markets for our mailbox and parcel systems. Significantly for that is the requirement from the construction and real estate industry to the federal government to advance the construction of affordable housing in Germany. The title of the catalogue of claims means: “Dramatic situation in housing – what to do now”. This aptly describes the situation.

The heading over 2022 could be “after the crisis (Corona) is before the crisis (energy)”. And we are still right in the middle of it, even if the last month of the year has started and we are in the contemplative Advent season and approach the turn of the year. But what would we be without optimism.

The year of course also focused on a central topic of every business, namely the energy. And despite all the problems, it also showed how flexible and efficient we can be – if we have to. We now have to get a lot more often out of our too soft beds and back into our shoes and put our nose to the grindstone. And this all together… we can, that distinguishes us. So we succeeded in this really difficult year at Knobloch. We have further strengthened our basis, even if some other goals have not been achieved.

So let’s see the semi-full glass in a shiny light of energy-saving candles and look forward to a little more normality with at the same time more swing, enthusiasm and courage.

Now we only have to wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas. Perhaps it is coloured white outside and you will find time and leisure to recover. We look forward to a new and fresh year 2023 with you and wish you a good, successful start!


Your Kolbe family