Dear friend,

After a strange and memorable 2020, there followed a similar and perhaps even more impressive year 2021. At the turn of the year I wished all of us that we could live in more normal times again.

I think something like this will not happen anytime soon and maybe not at all (on the other hand, the question arises, what is normal).
Nevertheless, it also shows what we humans can endure, how we can adapt and change our lives. And also what we can achieve together in a positive way.

The year is now over and the next, no less challenging year is just around the corner. There is a lot of new here, for example a new federal government in Germany with important political projects, e.g. in residential construction, the core market for our mailboxes and parcel systems.

At the same time, there is also a lot of tried and tested products at Knobloch that we proudly look back on and at the same time want to take with us into the new year. We made another leap in sales. Thanks to our great employees, we got through this 2nd Corona year relatively well and have continued to develop.

We are accordingly optimistic and positive about the new year 2022 and the near future. But if you are positive and optimistic you also believe in the good and the achievement of your own goals and we do that, too. Even if we are, as always, very ambitious.

In any case, we look forward to working with you further (or perhaps for the first time?). This is a core message and insight from 2021, which has to be even stronger in 2022:

Everything, but really everything, can only work together and we can only achieve this together. We wish you good health, happiness and success for this new year. We are pleased and very proud to be able to produce for you, to fulfill your wishes and hope that you will remain loyal to us this year as well.

So let’s go to 2022!
Greetings from Döbeln and wish you a good start into the new year

Your Kolbe family


Your Thomas Kolbe
(Managing Director)