Crisis is the new normal or what insight do you have from the year 2022?

In any case, the basic impression is that little or nothing is certain. We have just experienced this painfully in our planning for the new year 2023.

Our energy supplier only signed the new gas and electricity contracts with us at the end of December. However, this is of course only part of the whole, albeit an essential one. The other cost areas were and are still under pressure. Many suppliers communicated price increases by the last working day of 2022, and even then many of them only promise short-term stability.

The year 2023 is thus a pudding that we cannot really look into.
However, we are willing to just eat it up.

2022 and also the previous years, actually the Corona years, have trained us.
Although we never reached our very ambitious sales targets, we have always been financially stable and have even managed to get through this time successfully.

Nevertheless, it would be nice and good if it was simpler and if, for example, our market in the housing construction sector behaved normally. That would mean that the enormous backlog of approvals from the last few years would be reduced and the real estate to be built up.

And that would also mean the increasing acute need and the political will for 400,000 new apartments per year would be implemented.
But waiting doesn’t help. It’s not going to happen anytime soon. The market pressure is not enough to wash away the uncertainty caused by rising costs, rising interest rates, an uncertain supply situation in all areas and, most recently, by massive waves of illness.
But if you are positive and optimistic, you also believe in the good and in achieving your own goals, and so do we. Even if, as always, we remain ambitious.

Everything, really everything, only works together and we can only do it together.
We wish you good health, happiness and success in this new year. We are happy and also very proud to be able to produce for you, that we will remain successful together and hope that you will remain loyal to us this year.

So off to 2023!

Greetings from Döbeln and a good start into the new year


Your Kolbe family