Dear friends,

Times are turbulent and priorities have shifted significantly in the last three years.

After we have surfed one Corona wave after the other and have actually reached calmer waters in this respect (even if the experts are used to disagreeing with regard to autumn as to whether there will be a monster wave again or not), we are still facing one bigger challenge.

Who would have bet just a few months ago that the topic of energy supply and, as a result, energy costs would preoccupy us so much and ultimately affect us? I would not have bet and if I had I would have lost. What was previously unimaginable is now a reality.

We are experiencing skyrocketing costs for energy and, as a result, another block of costs, which, in addition to the corona-related material increases and a wage spiral that also reacts to this, means that some construction projects are just not started now. And that is actually the paradox – we have a huge market, but it is currently buried, worried and thus severely paralyzed.

But, as always, getting scared and busting your head in the sand is no solution, never is. So we look ahead, get going and do what we do best, we remain optimistic and look for solutions. In our new quarterly newsletter you will find a few things that we are doing and getting started. And it should also apply to you that you stay happy, healthy and optimistic about the future.

Let’s move together and stay together. There are always solutions and definitely always more light than shadow. Not to mention the half full glasses.

So now enough of the empty phrases – enjoy the summer in July with this in mind.

We wish you wonderful days and lots of success!


Yours, Thomas Kolbe
(Managing Director)