Dear friends,

We have already experienced a few very sunny and warm days in May. And now summer is really upon us.

With all the joy of warmth and light – rain is missing. Both are always important. But balance is hard to find these days. And despite all the optimism, you have to look longer for the good news.

We have been living in this world with a lot of movement and dynamism for a long time now. The war in Ukraine has changed our view of Europe and at the same time has pushed such elementary things as the supply of energy and resources of all kinds into the foreground. We look and think differently. And that’s not always bad.

We just mustn’t let ourselves get down, we have to see the good and the opportunities again and again and every day.

That’s how it is in our company, too.

The framework conditions are really difficult. The drivers of thought here are the developments in energy prices, which result in cost increases for all materials and services across the board. That’s hard to accept in the market. Private customers in particular are much more reluctant to buy due to price developments, which generally mean a higher inflation rate. But commercial builders also think longer and more often before starting construction projects. On the other hand, there is a stable and enormously high demand for living space and a very high need for renovation. And a huge backlog of building permits already issued for new apartments.

So, as always, we tend to see the glass half full and get to work and supply you and your customers with our mailboxes, newspaper holders, mailbox banks, showcases, bell panels, steles, waste paper baskets, parcel systems, parcel boxes, signs and much more and with everything that you otherwise also like to need made of metal.

So please stay optimistic and of course healthy and enjoy the really beautiful and pleasant season.
And don’t forget, if things get difficult – just give us a call. We’ll get through this together.

Have a wonderful June


Yours, Thomas Kolbe
(Managing Director)