Dear friends,

so now it has actually happened – a new war in the middle of Europe.
We stand on the sidelines and watch and the topic really arouses fears. It’s irrational and concerning. And of course it has exactly the same effect on everything that has to do with business. Uncertainty then means reluctance to buy and invest. Nobody can really use that after two Corona years. Then there are the issues related to energy supply when one of the largest oil and gas suppliers acts as an aggressor. And that in times of the highest energy prices ever measured, which are really an enormous cost driver in every industry.

Actually, the news isn’t that bad otherwise – we’re surfing the back of a corona wave again (I forgot to count how many it is, though) and are happily dealing with massive normalization despite high incidences. And spring is just around the corner and will inevitably overtake us sooner or later.

There is also good news from our company – the general conditions are not easy, but we are looking forward optimistically and cheerfully.
Our new blog post also fits in with this ( The message is – rust can also be really chic and shows a really extravagant feeling for style and design.
But “normal” mailboxes can of course also be designed according to your wishes. In principle we do nothing else. That means your wish is our task. And we really like to solve them!
Overall, don’t let it get you down, stay happy and see the good things without forgetting everything else.

I wish you a nice start into my favorite season.


Yours, Thomas Kolbe
(Managing Director)