Dear friends,

I have just read my text from May 2022 again. A year has passed, but the topics have hardly changed.

On the one hand, the all-changing war in Ukraine is still not over, people are still dying and fighting for whatever. The blunting in the face of this tragedy is enormous, for me too. Actually, I only wish that this would finally stop and that there would be peace again.
We feel the effects every day, and that is also unchanged.

A year later we are stuck in the aftermath of the energy crisis triggered by the war and do not really know what is happening to us. Especially in our industry, which deals with living space for people, the bundle of consequences is enormous. A bouquet of topics from the energy crisis and the fears of and related inflation, paired with the interest rate increases to combat this inflation and thus a broad front of cost increases, including the subsequent increase in labor costs, has effectively capsized the tanker housing construction despite the enormous demand. Everyone is currently living in their snail shell and only doing the bare minimum. And that’s not much.

As always, this is a good opportunity to plan and think ahead energetically. And we all do that together at KNOBLOCH. But not only internally, but also with you, our partners, customers and companions. As always, with so much shadow there is also a lot of light somewhere 😊. Fittingly, it is now May, the merry and my favorite month. So let’s let the sun in and don’t let it get you down. It’s all man-made and we can also change things.

I wish you always happy thoughts and a lot of strength and courage. And have fun in spring.

Your Kolbe family