Dear friends,

if you would like to set up a ranking of the craziest years of the last decade, 2021 maybe would not be at the top, but definitely in the top group.

And it is not over yet. But traditionally, November and December are the months to pause and look back.

But for Knobloch, November is the month to look foreward. We are planning 2022 and this is going to be really exciting. Especially exciting, because it is becoming obvious, that price and cost increases will continue. In addition, 3 weeks after the federal elections, the political framework conditions are not clear yet. It is foreseeable, that the labour costs will raise significantly. (Even if the issue „minimum wage“ has just a little influence, but all in all it pushes the level up.)

In particular, the whole thing is exciting, because it is not possible to estimate, how you, dear customers, will react and will be able to react. Are you prepared to accept higher prices (because that is what will happen in almost all industries and for almost all products and goods) and if so, in which dimensions? And what about your clients?

We will see, but this topic keeps us very busy. Despite of this, the previous development (small first review 😊), is very good at the same time. Looking at the market puts us on in a positive mood. It has been built and it will be built.

And with all our mailboxes, mailbox systems, bell panels, message boxes, house numbers… are we, thanks to you, right at the front.
We are excited and grateful to you.

On this note, we wish you much success, health and sunshine in your heart.

Your Thomas Kolbe
(Managing Director)