Self-sufficient parcel reception for residential complex in Nuremberg-South

Housing cooperatives and property management companies are always looking for new service offers to increase the attractiveness of their properties.

In the Thon-Süd district of Nuremberg, a modern residential property with 5 apartment buildings and 9 terraced houses was recently built. It was important for the developer to equip his property with the latest technical innovations in order to offer the residents maximum service. The letterbox manufacturer Knobloch has planned and implemented an electronic parcel compartment system in cooperation with the company Topstar Sicherheitstechnik from Lauf. Because every building needs a mailbox system, so why not receive parcels with it straight away?

Increased living comfort

The handover of the parcel compartment system was celebrated with a glass of sparkling wine by everyone involved. Markus Amann, owner of Topstar Sicherheitstechnik, and the property management team at Thon-Süd agree: “This enables us to increase living comfort, tenant satisfaction and make the property more attractive.”

Karl Mühlbauer, Head of Sales at Knobloch, explained the operation of the system on site: “The parcel deliverer uses the display to select the recipient of the shipment and a free compartment from the list of names of the house residents. After he has deposited the consignment and closed the door, the box is automatically locked and an access code is sent to the deliverer via SMS. As you can see, it is child’s play and applicable to everyone. ”

This type of delivery could well be a new line of business for regional delivery services. Because what speaks against an oven-warm bread delivery at the weekend in your own parcel box?

Independence without restrictions

“When designing our parcel compartment systems, we were primarily concerned with absolute independence for the users. Our facilities can be used by all delivery services. Another advantage is that no aids such as magnetic cards, chips or transponders are required for access, ”adds Esther Stemke, Product Manager at Knobloch, thereby once again highlighting the unique selling points of the parcel compartment system segment at Knobloch.

The electronic Knobloch parcel compartment system was located centrally in the Thon-Süd residential complex at the entrance to the underground car park and is therefore easily accessible to all tenants. The first residents are already enjoying your parcel compartment system. Because you save yourself the annoying trip to the post office or parcel station and can receive your parcels in the immediate vicinity of your home – conveniently, safely and regardless of your own presence.

Learn more at www.max-knobloch.com .

Max Knobloch Nachf. GmbH was founded in 1869 and is known in the mailbox market under the brand name Knobloch. This makes Knobloch the oldest still producing mailbox manufacturer in Germany and the only full-range supplier in the area of ​​mailboxes and letterbox systems. With 120 employees, Knobloch manufactures products for the entrance area and scores with quality from Germany, Saxony.


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