Knobloch sets stylish accents in the entrée

The “Rose Gardens” are located in one of the most sought-after residential areas in Berlin – in the immediate vicinity of Kurfürstendamm. The impressive residential project comprises 13 individually designed individual houses, which come together to form a complete street. The architects’ requirements for the inventory: the highest technical quality in terms of material and workmanship as well as a noble look that fits into the overall concept

After the visitor has passed the garden area with the eponymous 40 different types of roses, he enters the representative entrance area. The central elements of the various foyers are the concealed letterbox systems from Knobloch. Staged differently in each of the houses, the mailboxes made of brushed stainless steel have a very individual effect on those entering.

In one of the entrées, the mailbox system was set into the wall in such a way that a hand-wide shadow gap was created. To the viewer, this looks as if the mailbox system is floating. In the next doorway, a wide, dark wooden frame was chosen for the Knobloch mailbox system, which creates the impression of warmth and continuity. All systems have been integrated into the wall, making them appear elegant and clear and the existing walkways can be optimally used.

The traditional letterbox manufacturer KNOBLOCH is a specialist in custom-made products according to customer requirements. Due to its versatility, flexibility and willingness to innovate, the manufactory is one of the top in this segment.

More information at www.max-knobloch.com .

Max Knobloch Nachf. GmbH was founded in 1869 and is known in the mailbox market under the brand name Knobloch. This makes Knobloch the oldest still producing mailbox manufacturer in Germany and the only full-range supplier in the area of ​​mailboxes and letterbox systems. With 120 employees, Knobloch manufactures products for the entrance area and scores with quality from Germany, Saxony.


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