No chance for graffiti

It doesn’t just happen to house walls, mailboxes are not spared either: A dog trots past, lifts one leg, looks blissed, and the rest only becomes history with the next rain. It becomes more problematic when a “street artist” rushes by and lifts his arm once – then the legacies are usually weatherproof.

Get out for a pre-emptive strike and simply order your letterbox from Knobloch with the so-called anti-graffiti paint.

anti-graffiti paint? What can he do?

Above all, ensure an extremely limited lifespan for street art. If you don’t like the art on your mailbox, a cloth and some methylated spirit will suffice for removal in the future.

The anti-graffiti painting is suitable for every type of system. It is a special one-layer lacquer, not an additional coating. It is available in all RAL colors with the gloss levels “smooth” and “silky gloss”.

TIP! If you discover a Banksy * in your anti-graffiti mailbox, don’t wipe it off and be annoyed that you listened to us and opted for anti-graffiti paint. Sorry. : -)

* Banksy is an internationally known British graffiti sprayer who performs anonymously. The house walls he secretly decorates attract worldwide attention. His processed boards and canvases are among the most coveted trophies on the market and are exhibited in renowned museums. At auctions they sometimes generate six-figure amounts

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Max Knobloch Nachf. GmbH was founded in 1869 and is known in the mailbox market under the brand name Knobloch. This makes Knobloch the oldest still producing mailbox manufacturer in Germany and the only full-range supplier in the area of ​​mailboxes and letterbox systems. With 120 employees, Knobloch manufactures products for the entrance area and scores with quality from Germany, Saxony.


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