The traditional company KNOBLOCH, the name of Germany’s oldest mailbox company, is by no means dusty or even dubious. On the contrary – the fifth generation of the family business works in Döbeln, in the middle of Saxony. The company is now celebrating its 150th anniversary.

According to Creditreform, just under 1.5% of all German companies are older than 100 years. A small minority defies crises and drastic changes in the markets for decades – and Knobloch has even made it among the market leaders in the mailbox segment. “In 2002, we still had 30 employees at the founding site in Döbeln. Today we employ around 170 people at two locations and are therefore very successful, ”reports Thomas Kolbe, Managing Director of Max Knobloch Nachf. GmbH. What started as a small sheet metal processing company in 1869 is today a modern company, which primarily produces letter boxes and letter box systems, but also bell panels, signs and other products around the front door 100% “Made in Germany” and sends them all over the world.

True to the company motto, KNOBLOCH products are characterized by their high quality. The manufacturer stands out not only because of its high quality standards, but above all because of its flexibility.

What started with simple letterboxes almost 150 years ago later became the market for large letterbox systems and steles. Today, the development department mainly focuses on innovations in parcel delivery. The goal is to receive parcels as simple as a letter. KNOBLOCH has been offering solutions in various designs and price segments for 10 years. In doing so, the manufacturer reacted early to a new trend and the ongoing boom in online retail.

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Max Knobloch Nachf. GmbH was founded in 1869 and is known in the mailbox market under the brand name Knobloch. This makes Knobloch the oldest still producing mailbox manufacturer in Germany and the only full-range supplier in the area of ​​mailboxes and letterbox systems. With 120 employees, Knobloch manufactures products for the entrance area and scores with quality from Germany, Saxony.


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