Product Idea

Do you have a product idea? Possibly a mailbox with an electronic alarm sensor? A new type of lock protection for doors? A sundial or other decorative items for the garden? Or how about a metal handbag?

  • What ideas are we looking for?

    Your idea can have something to do with mailboxes, but also with other metal products and products for everything to do with the house entrance and garden.

  • What will happen to your idea?

    Your idea goes straight to the E-Team (development department). The e-team evaluates your idea together with the management and decides whether the idea will be pursued further. In any case, your idea will be saved in our collection of ideas so that we can refer to it again at a later point in time. Whatever the outcome, you will always receive feedback from us and be informed what we are doing with your idea.

  • And what do you get for it?

    Depends on the idea. A small thank you is standard. If the idea is so good that we implement it, you will receive a bigger thank you in addition to fame and honor. We will also help you find a name.

    Briefly describe your product idea

    Important information is for example: material, color, appearance, structure, use in everyday life, etc.

    How did you come up with it

    If you still have pictures, sketches, drawings or other documents, just add them loosely. You are also welcome to use the back for further notes and comments.

    Many Thanks! Now only hand it in to the E-Team or your department manager! We will get in touch with you.

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