Garden Caddy KNGARDY6001

Garden Caddy KNGARDY6001

Practical Garden Caddy for Professional and hobby gardeners


Body (sheet steel, powder coated)

Handle (tubular steel, powder coated, black)

Pneumatic tires (suitable for rough terrain)

A storage compartment (sheet steel, powder-coated)

A side hook strip with 3 hooks (sheet steel, powder-coated)

A bar with quick releases to hold 3 garden tools with short handles such as hand rakes, flower trowel, etc. (sheet steel, powder coated)

A cross strut to hold 3 garden tools with long handles such as brooms, rakes, etc., 30 mm diameter of the openings (sheet steel, powder-coated)

The KNGARDY is delivered without equipment (garden tools, etc.).



  • External Dimensions
  • 525 x 940 x 555
  • BHT in mm


    Graphite Black matt Fine structure (RAL 9011)
  • KNGARDY6001-GR
    Grasgrün (RAL 6010)


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