Heaters – private

Heaters – private


  • Infrared emitters provide pleasant warmth – exactly where it is needed. They do not heat the ambient air, but act directly on the body. Their principle is the same as that of the sun. It also generates heat via infrared radiation – which is why it is always cooler in the shade than in the sun. Infrared heaters do not need to be preheated, such as a heater, to generate cozy warmth. It is an energy-saving and cost-effective solution for heat generation for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Single Tube Spotlight
  • The classic single-tube infrared heater is the ideal device for short-term applications. The heat can be felt after only five seconds. The device is intended for wall mounting. The beam angle is infinitely adjustable from 15 ° – 60 °.

You can Find Detailed Information on our Heaters in our Current Leaflet.

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