Electronic pickup station

PAKETIN is an electronic delivery system that can be used both for private and commercial parcel reception and as a pick-up station. The system is non-discriminatory and freely accessible for collectors/recipients.

  • Manage subjects via PAKETINservice access
  • Control via app and browser
  • modular and freely configurable
  • subsequently expandable
  • Connection via cellular

PAKETINcloud – Simple and secure management

The entire system is managed in the PAKETINcloud. Every single compartment is always connected to the cloud thanks to modern M2M communication. In this cloud, sellers can notify their customers when an order is in the compartment ready for pickup. The connection to the cloud is always encrypted, all data is stored on servers in Germany. This ensures safe operation.

Delivery is that easy

The registered deliverer selects the system, the recipient and a compartment displayed to him via app, browser or by calling PAKETIN. The selected compartment will unlock for 10 seconds. During this time, the deliverer opens the compartment and inserts his shipment. The recipient automatically receives a delivery notification with an electronic code (by email and displayed in the app).

The recipient opens the compartment using the electronic code (link) in the email or in the app. The compartment unlocks for 10 seconds. During this time, the recipient opens the compartment and removes his shipment.