Dear friend,

All over all this year is probably just Corona.

I checked the December news from last year. There I wrote that in December 2021 everything will be “a memory of a very, very strange time”. I was definitely and unfortunately mistaken.

Now we are many thousands dead and many sick later and so right now there is still no end in sight. And there are no more islands. The subject has now not only reached everyone in one way or another, but also all areas of our lives. In the economy, unfortunately, we are under both acute effects and long covid and all of this in parallel and together. That makes planning difficult, the well-known and proven rhythms are gone and everything really works differently. From the missing and twice as expensive material to postponed and extremely long delayed construction projects, everything is included.

And we notice that, like everyone else in the industry. There is less to do than usual in December of each year.

But, and that is the most important thing, the market is there and the new federal government will focus particularly on housing construction, which is so relevant to letterboxes, letterbox systems and parcel systems.

In this respect, we are of course well into 2022 in terms of ideas and planning.

We look forward to this new time and its new challenges. Until then, we all have to hold out a little more together. I think this thought is particularly important in these difficult times: WE ALL TOGETHER!

All that remains for us now is to wish you a Merry and Peaceful Christmas. Perhaps it is colored white outside to match and you will find time and leisure to relax. We look forward to a new and fresh year 2022 together with you and wish you a good, successful start!

Your Kolbe family


Your Thomas Kolbe
(Managing Director)