Dear friends,

the first month of this exciting year is already history. I am looking at the coming months but there is no clear picture for me. Many things became at least more predictable. We know, that the topic of energy will occupy us massively and we also know on which level the prices will be. All companies are also experiencing a massive increase of labour costs. Of course, comprehensible because of the high inflation. I hope that we can credit the optimistic forecasts of the economists. But this is the problem. Some things are becoming more certain at the moment, but all in all there is still a lack of plannability. That does not make it easier to act.

2023 started as bumpy as 2022 ended. And actually, it only can get better. At least the topic of housing construction has come into focus much more. There is a lack of living space. Germany is growing. Good news for a manufacturer. So, let’s switch over to optimism and accelerate together. And the topic of receiving parcels is causing some optimism. Contactless delivery, pick-up points for customers of the retail sector and non-discriminatory delivery are just a few of the exciting keywords, which we are able to serve well with our products like KNOBOX and PAKNO. An enquiry or simply browsing our homepage is worth it!

We wish you, for now, a healthy and maybe a bit vernal, but in any case, successful February.


Your Kolbe family