Dear friends,

the 1st quarter of the special year 2023 is now history. We are all looking forward to spring, even if the start of the month was still very wintery. The seasons take their course with changing characteristics. The same applies to all economic aspects of our lives. After the initial shock of the massive inflation and the then rising interest rates to combat the former, things have now returned a little to normal. Apparently, the longing for it is so great that we humans are getting used to everything that seemed unthinkable to us in ever shorter cycles. The DAX jumps like gas station prices, a cucumber costs €2.50 and electricity costs have multiplied – so what?
Not to mention the war in Ukraine, which is hardly registered anymore…

Is that good or bad? I can’t rate it. The fact is, the restaurants are just as full as at least the parking lots of the large shopping centers. But it is also a fact that this does not arrive everywhere so quickly. Our industry, housing construction, is as sluggish as an oil tanker. While that’s good when a crisis starts, it’s just as bad when it’s “getting out.” And as an optimistic person, I would say that it does, even if such long-term indicators as the number of new building permits speak against it. Our industry just needs a little more time, but we at KNOBLOCH want and have to move.

So let’s do that together and look a bit into the future and above all at the place and the stand that we want to have there. Finding the right strategy is fun, necessary, but also a challenging task. Clear goal above all – YOU, i.e. You as our customers, should be satisfied, because without YOU we can’t do it. You are definitely our future. And we’re looking forward to that and just push the oil tanker a bit or look how we can get past it quickly. With you and to you.

With this in mind, I wish you a wonderful spring, a lot of fun in the best of health and good success in all ways.


Your Kolbe family