Dear friends,

it’s another exciting year that is slowly coming to an end. I would wish that it didn’t do exactly that, i.e. to end. Because until 31st December 2022 we have something that seems strangely valuable – contracts to receive electricity and gas at pre-war conditions. Nobody knows today (beginning of October) what will happen from January 1st, 2023. Last year I wished for a government to be formed quickly, with reference to predictability and security as the most important basis for sensible economic activity – this year it’s like with inflation – the urgency of fulfilling my wish has increased. And it affects all people and all companies and every product and service again. There is energy everywhere. What is difficult here, however, is that, unlike Corona, it does not affect the whole world, but especially us in Europe and here above all our country Germany. But, and this is comparable to Corona, we will only get through this together. This must succeed, regardless of party politics or personal views. This is a crisis and to overcome it requires solidarity beyond the usual borders.

Oh, yes, normal work is still going on. We are currently experiencing the second very strange hot autumn in a row. Last year Corona and, as a result, the unique material clamps and high material costs still had us under control. This year it is above all the view of the uncertain future with unclear energy costs coupled with significantly higher interest rates that are leading to difficult general conditions. But being an entrepreneur means being an optimist. We are always looking for and finding solutions and ways for our mailboxes and parcel boxes. The strong team in our company helps and carries. That is realistic optimism 😊 and so we always look forward to the future and get going…

And that’s how we start with you into a hopefully golden October. Have fun, stay healthy and don’t let it get you down!


Your Kolbe family