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Founded as early as 1869, we are the oldest still producing letterbox manufacturer in Germany offering consulting know-how in the areas of mailboxes and letterbox systems. As the only full-line supplier in this segment, we are the third largest manufacturer of letterbox systems to serve the German market. Our assortment is rounded off by accessories such as bell elements, house numbers or outdoor lights – a complete range around the entrance area. At KNOBLOCH we stand for the highest quality made in Germany with our products and a high level of flexibility towards the requirements of our customers. Custom-made products are part of the everyday life of our traditional company.

News from KNOBLOCH in march 2021

Dear friend,

Well, this month is our anniversary. So not our company or any partnership or something like that, no, Corona anniversary. At least if you take the first restrictions due to the feared and then occurred corona pandemic as a yardstick. There are really nicer anniversaries and I am quite sure – not a single person could have imagined the next 12 months like this.

But it was the way it was and unfortunately it still is.

I very much hope that in 12 months we can say something similar, but with different omens, we can then look back on a wonderful time that was largely spent without restrictions.

But no matter how you look at it – one thing has got exactly where it belongs, namely the focus, and that is our health. We have to be much more careful with it and deal with it from time to time. A spring like this is particularly suitable. And March is a great month to implement the New Year’s Eve goals and finally to do some real sports again. Outside in the fresh air. Yes, club sports are not yet possible, but that will also come back and until then cycling, running, hiking or just going for a walk will help. Do something for yourself!

Our start to the year was successful. Construction is not really booming and real winter has played its part. But now the sun is shining, snow and ice have thawed and we can accelerate. Yes, like written above, with restrictions, but isn’t there always something? So let’s look ahead with optimism and do what we do best: selling and making mailboxes. The order is important because we do exactly that and only what you really want.

Nothing works without you. So we hope your time was and is as good as ours.

In any case, we wish you a pleasant month, a magical start to spring and good mailbox business.


Yours Thomas Kolbe
(Executive Director)

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We offer the right solutions for this. With our mailboxes, mailbox systems and accessories around the house, you can design your entrance area according to your wishes.

Mailbox System

We offer the right solutions for this. With our mailboxes, mailboxes and accessories

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From the individual mailbox mounted on the wall to the communication center in the front yard. Here you will find our modern mailboxes for one and two family houses.

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Package Boxes

Receive packages even when you are not there. Can also be combined with mailboxes.

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The right addition for your house entrance. Bells, outdoor lights and house numbers from KNOBLOCH, Made in Germany.

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NEW mailbox configurator from KNOBLOCH

Now NEW! The letter box system configurator from KNOBLOCH is online!

Simply put together your own mailboxes and easily configure your own mailbox system. Send the requests directly to the manufacturer KNOBLOCH with just a few clicks and receive an offer promptly! Test now!

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Our Parcel Boxes work that Easily Getting started with our parcel reception solutions is so easy that the most important things can be explained in 100 seconds. “Unfortunately we didn’t meet you” was yesterday. With our KNOBOX parcel box (for one- and two-family houses) and our PAKNO parcel station (for multi-family houses) you are equipped to receive parcels around the clock. Searching for a parking space and queuing at the post office are a thing of the past – as is the annoying question of why the recipient should always have overheard the bell when the parcel is a little heavier or more unwieldy. In addition, and not entirely unimportant in times of Corona: the handover of shipments can be made contact-free with KNOBOX and PAKNO.

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