KNOBOX – The Parcel Box with a Clever Lock

KNOBOX – The Parcel Box with a Clever Lock

  • 06. Jan 2020

KNOBLOCH has been offering various parcel boxes with mechanical and electronic delivery systems since 2014. And best of all: all parcel compartment solutions are independent of the delivery agent. This means that the package systems can be used by all delivery services. When it comes to catalog and online purchases, the Germans are leaders. Ordering is easy, but receiving it when you are away can be difficult. And the way to the post office is complex and takes time. With the KNOBOX parcel box, nothing stands in the way of convenient home delivery.

The KNOBOX convinces with a simple but clever package lock. Locking at three points and an extra reinforced door make the model particularly secure. The stable parcel boxes are currently available in 16 sizes. They can also be ordered as a free-standing version, for wall mounting or with a stele look. The KNOBOX is available in stainless steel or as a lacquered version. 21 standard colors or special colors in RAL of your choice offer enough space for the colored design.

Freely accessible and usable for every deliverer, the KNOBOX is the parcel box par excellence for your own home. Incidentally, the KNOBOX becomes an all-rounder in combination with one or two mailboxes and bells and intercom.

Package box with Cleverlock – what is it?

Cleverlock is a mechanical package lock with a special trick: the door of the KNOBOX package box is closed, but not locked. This means that the parcel compartment is still accessible and deliverable for the deliverer. After the box has been assigned, the deliverer locks the KNOBOX with a simple click. The KNOBOX can only be opened again by the owner using his key.

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