PAKNO – Always at Home!

PAKNO – Always at Home!

  • 07. Jan 2020

With our PAKNO parcel station, the recipient is always at home and can receive parcels around the clock – no more queuing in post offices, no parcels in the front yard, no more parcel searches from neighbors. Delivery and reception are carried out via an intuitive touch display. Every deliverer can easily deliver parcels without registration. The consignments remain securely stored until the recipient removes them using an opening code that he receives by email.


The deliverer selects the stored recipient via the intuitively operated display and places the consignment in the automatically opening compartment. It does not matter which service provider the deliverer belongs to. The recipient automatically receives a message by email with an opening code.


The recipient enters his opening code on the display, which he has previously received automatically via email, and takes his shipment from the opening compartment. The code can of course also be passed on to friends. Then the parcel compartment can even be emptied if you are prevented from doing so. You can also insert a package yourself and address it to yourself. You will of course also receive the opening code yourself. You can pass this on to a service provider, for example, so that they can collect the package as a return.

PAKNO is always planned and configured individually according to customer requirements. Parcel boxes can be combined with letter and function boxes to form a complete parcel system. The customer decides on material and color, as well as special equipment. These include, for example, lighting and backlighting of the system or individualizations such as labeling with a customer logo or street name.

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