Dear friends,

Some things just take too long. And mostly it’s not the good events.

The war in Ukraine has been with us for more than 2 months now. What is tragic about this is the certain deadening that we experience. Here, too, we are as used to the morning reports about the war as we were to the mostly increasing incidences of newly infected people.
A blue ribbon flutters out there and makes us dream of spring.

These are and will remain challenging times for each of us. It’s good to have a functioning moral compass and let it guide you through these crazy months.

The fact that they are actually crazy is also evident in our industry. On the one hand, the demand for housing is huge. In addition to the backlog of approvals for new apartments from recent years, there are ambitious political plans to create additional living space. Various studies show the clear need for this also in the following years.

At the same time, all the upheavals here also apply to our industry. All in all, we see difficulties in the supply of materials and implementation on the construction sites and, above all, persistently rising costs. The current driver of the costs is the concern about the energy supply, which, as always, results in rising prices.

But the same applies here as always – your head in the sand is not an alternative. We prefer to look ahead and do what we are good at, namely making the best of the situation.

And so we are pleased to be able to offer you, for example, another design option for high-quality letterboxes – the flush letterbox system.

This makes choosing and working fun. And we must definitely not let fun and joy be taken away from us in our lives.
So enjoy the merry month and stay healthy!


Yours, Thomas Kolbe
(Managing Director)