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KNOBOX with Cleverlock The clever package locks

Receiving parcels has never been so easy! The KNOBOX, which is equipped with the Cleverlock lock, can be delivered with parcels by any delivery person. The deliverer does not have to register for this. He simply opens the door of the parcel box, places his delivery and then closes the door by clicking the lock into the locking mechanism. Now only the recipient can open it.

How does Cleverlock work?

In the initial state, the parcel box door is closed but not locked. So the deliverer can open the door by simply turning the handle and the door is open! Now just insert the package, turn the handle back and let it click. When it clicks in, the door is locked and can only be opened again by the owner using his key.

Explained in the video!

Let our explanatory video show you how the KNOBOX works.

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