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Collection station with electronic code locks

With the PIKNO pick-up stations, a contactless handover of goods is now very easy for every shop owner.


  • sturdy cast zinc housing with handle
  • also in a chlorinated environment
  • available in black or silver
  • Available in horizontal or vertical versions
  • Battery operated (2✕AA incl., up to 80.00)
  • Code assignment four digits
  • Code allocation with optical (LED red/green) and
  • Locks can optionally be locked with a key


External dimensions of the lock:

  • Horizontal Execution: 140✕41✕31 mm
  • Vertical Execution: 41✕140✕31 mm (BHT)

Material pick-up station:

  • box: zinced steel
  • doors: zinced steel
  • surrounding: aluminium, powdercoated



Sell products with PIKNO –

Around the clock!

With the PIKNO pick-up stations, a contactless handover of goods is now very easy for every shop owner. This works with our PIKNO Box, which is equipped with electronic code locks that are as simple as they are ingenious: Simply place the order in a free compartment, assign a code and then tell the customer about it.



They can now pick up their purchases – completely independent of the opening hours. And so that only the customer gets his order, the compartments are electronically secured. Each lock is equipped with commercially available batteries, which are sufficient for up to 500,000 locking cycles.

The PIKNO code lock

The PIKNO lock can be operated in two different modes. You can switch between the two modes using the logo button and a designated code.

Private Mode

In private mode, the lock remembers the code once it has been set. The lock can then always be opened with this code.

Public Mode

Similar to hotel safes, a new code must be assigned for each use in public mode. Public mode is recommended for the classic pick-up station.

The transfer of goods is that easy

The operator occupies the compartment and assigns a code, which he communicates to his customer.

The customer enters the code previously received from the operator and removes his goods.

Application examples

Pick-up station of a bookstore. Ten compartments of the same size with PIKNO code locks.



Freestanding with base
disguise RI234
Grey Aluminium RAL 9007 GA/SG


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